For what the whole ?

On 4 December is King Kong day !!!!!

It was once, before long, long time, in a dark cellar in the r. road, there promised itself King Kong more ler, what might have always also occurred in this mean world, it would never separate, until that separates death her. And if they had nevertheless to separate, because adverse circumstances (job, marriage partner, children and other disasters) require this in such a way would do, then it to the turn of the century would again-meet, and everything became again good.

It is so far, a altogether disappointing millenium goes to end. And where does King Kong remain? Who does not think here of the grandiose conclusion scene of the famous King Kong (' n film) - Movies, in which an old man with brief case over the road sauntered and those protect themselves eternally words ' Keep on trucking ' on the zelluloid burn.

Keep on trucking, King Kong! Under this slogan the ultimative King Kong Revival party takes place to the turn of the century.


WHERE ? Naturally in the original King Kong cellar in the r. road. First contacts with Mr. R., the ex-Lover of woman of P. and tenant on the first floor, are already attached. It has us in mind all still best. A site inspection also already took place. There is the cellar actually still! It has still the old shelter charm, became unfortunately somewhat muffig (this certain smell from in former times is missing). And it is at present free, i.e. it is to even rent (someone has desire?). If an other should draw in shortly, then one could draw this out surely with an overnight accomodation in the hotel Atlantic for the duration of the King Kong Revival party.

WHEN ? On 4 December 1999. Arbitrarily of me (TBC) in such a way decided, can be discussed however. Why not to Sylvester? Because then probably various people are loaded to various Parties already, or some people already in a tent in Lappland squat, in order to escape there the threatening Apokalypse.

WHO ? Everyone, which entered 1,1,1971 before that as can be prove (by at least two a witness spoke of good) the spaces of the King Kong cellar. Arbitrarily of me (TBC) in such a way decided, can be discussed however. Why not also the members, children, grandchildren etc., or the people, which was added later in the ark? Because too many become, and because the King Kong Revival party would then lose their quite specific King Kong Stallgeruch.

WHAT ? The program depends completely on you. Suggestions please to this Website mailen. But it will give quite surely old films, tapes, to original wall newspapers etc. to hearing, seeing, smelling and Betasten. Details for execution are published in the next months on these Website.

HOW FAR ONES ? At best it everything sends your email address ( me, I can you then about updates on these Website inform. Power also on these Website, sends photos, films, tapes (the course to Kenya), documents (scanned or in the original), makes suggestions on the organization of the Website and on the King Kong Revival party, informs other people. I would like to make this Website also still more interactive, with panels etc.. Perhaps does a correct virtual King Kong cellar even become, with new (electronic) wall newspapers from these Website? - depends everything of you.

By the way: Since this Website is not very private, and approx.. 100 million humans only on it wait your dirty noses into these pages to put, and there to me on the other hand also still no password protection did not succeed, I names in the plain text will write, only pointed name or first name with initials (for genuine King Kong more ler this no problem should be).

Shortly more on these pages.